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Calif: Devin Nunes Could Be A Key Witness In Russia Probe


Opinion –

Devin Nunes could provide a trove of information to Mueller regarding the communications he has had with the White House, he could name names and explain as to what those conversations were about to include if there was any direction.


Donald Trump says he’s totally vindicated in the Russian probe, a sign as a commander in chief that the probe may be ending soon at the hands of Trump and his alleged complicitors.

Reporters should continue to press Nunes about his contacts with the White House current and past and with who?

Trump keeps tweeting about ” No Collusion and ” No Obstruction ” but notice how he steers away from the word ” Conspiracy “.
There are more factors that should be taken into consideration as to what was tweeted above, especially when the memo which was pushed by Devin Nunes.

Surely Mueller should interview Nunes.

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